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Crowns And Bridges

Do you have a cracked or missing tooth? Did you know that prompt treatment of this situation could save you time, money, and future discomfort? At Helms Family Dentistry, we treat each patient as an individual. We will listen to your dental concerns and goals and then help to develop a treatment plan that promotes your overall health.

Part of that treatment may involve repair of a broken tooth or replacement of a missing tooth. We have extensive experience in dental crowns and bridges, and we use that experience to restore your dental health so that your teeth are comfortable, functional, and attractive.

Dental Crowns

Occasionally teeth are damaged due to an accident, biting into something hard, or grinding your teeth. Sometimes the damage is extensive. If you have a tooth that has been badly compromised and is broken, split, or cracked, you may benefit from a dental crown to help save and stabilize your tooth. Without treatment, the damage may get worse, cause you unnecessary pain, and potentially lead to the loss of your tooth.

A dental crown fits over the top of your tooth like a protective cover. It holds your tooth together and helps to create a stable biting surface for chewing. Crowns come in a variety of materials. From metal and porcelain combinations to all porcelain crowns, both function and aesthetics will be taken into consideration for your treatment. Dr. Alec Helms can help you make a treatment decision that will work best for you.

It generally takes a couple of appointments to create a custom crown for our patients. First, Dr. Helms will prepare your tooth and create a temporary crown. Then, one of our highly skilled dental labs will create a custom crown that matches your natural teeth. Once the crown is complete, we will schedule an appointment to seat the permanent crown and make any necessary adjustments.

Dental Bridges

While we make prevention a priority at Helms Family Dentistry, occasionally patients may lose a tooth due to severe damage or periodontal (gum) disease. When this occurs, Huntsville dentist Dr. Alec Helms may recommend a bridge as a tooth replacement therapy.

While several types of bridges exist, the traditional dental bridge is one that utilizes the two adjacent teeth to anchor a prosthetic tooth in the center to replace your missing tooth. Traditional bridges require crowns on the adjacent teeth, and the center tooth is attached to them with abutments.

Benefits of dental bridges include aesthetic improvement, stabilization of surrounding teeth, improved speech, and easier chewing. If a missing tooth is left untreated, the surrounding teeth may begin to tilt and shift, creating more extensive damage to your teeth and smile.

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