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Root Canals

We find that dental patients fear the root canal more than any other procedure. The truth is that root canals actually help reduce pain and restore dental health by removing infection and allowing healing to begin. With advancements in technology and procedures, root canals do not have to be painful.

At Helms Family Dentistry, we know that any unexpected procedure can be traumatic. That is why we take our time with each patient. We believe that all procedures go more smoothly when our patients are comfortable and relaxed. We will address your concerns and discuss the best treatment options with you so you can make an informed decision about your dental health.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is actually a procedure where a damaged or infected tooth is treated and repaired. Every root canal begins by making sure our patients are completely numb and comfortable. Then, a small hole is made in the tooth to provide access to the root. Once access to the root’s canal is made, Dr. Helms will gently and thoroughly clean out and sanitize the canal.

Once that is complete, Dr. Helms may place additional medication inside the tooth to help with healing before sealing the tooth. He may also recommend a prescription to keep the infection under control, if needed.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

Once the infection is cleared out, your tooth should start to feel better soon. The sensitivity and pain you were feeling before your procedure will stop, and you will feel more comfortable. Your symptoms will be dramatically reduced or completely gone. If you still have significant symptoms, call Helms Family Dentistry and we will follow up to make sure healing is progressing properly.

Depending on your individual needs, Dr. Helms may recommend a crown or filling to help stabilize your tooth. Oftentimes, after a root canal, your tooth will become brittle, making it more susceptible to damage. A crown may be placed on your tooth to provide stability and increased function.

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

Often, a root canal is necessary to save your tooth. Sometimes the infection or damage is so severe, it is our only option other than extraction. The main benefits of having a root canal procedure are to save your tooth and stop the pain caused by the infection or damage.

Left untreated, you may lose your tooth. A lost tooth creates more than aesthetic issues. By leaving a gap in your smile, the adjacent teeth may begin to cave or tip toward the gap. This chain reaction can change your bite and cause more expensive and extensive dental treatment in the future.

Call for a Root Canal Evaluation

If you suspect you may need a root canal or you have already been diagnosed, call us at Helms Family Dentistry. At our Huntsville dental office, we will make sure your root canal procedure goes smoothly and comfortably. We look forward to helping you get back on track to optimum dental health.